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dotfw 1.0.1 | safrm.net

Date: started 6.6.2013, last release 20.2.2015
Links: webpage changelog readme git sources downloads

Dash open testing framework: Light weight collection of testing functions to run various tests for rapid projects.

dotfw ….. manual
1-first-test.sh ….. hello world test example
3-port-scanning.sh ….. network port scanning example

Release notes:

– New: example to use custom environemnt for client/server testing
– Fix: cleanup unpropriate chars
– Int: minor fixes


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  1. Biana says:

    I follow Jared comment, it was indeed very useful to have the average position, also I found the previous download report more useful to create our own reports. for ie, following month after month the positioning of keywords. Now I lose this possibility.To have a clickthrougt is nice, but to now why we or do not have gothdlikohrougct due to position is also important not to say the most

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