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rvmb 0.6.0 | safrm.net

Date: started 7.6.2014, last release 27.6.2014
Links: webpage, changelog readme git sources downloads

Rapid VM builder for qemu-kvm based portable VMs


rvmb ……………… main script

Release notes:

* Fri Jun 27 2014 Miroslav Safr <Miroslav.Safr@gmail.com> – 0.6.0
–  Fix: debian architecture dependency
–  New: packaging dependencies, VM message debugging
–  New: set VM login message to .bashrc
–  Changes: debug arg -d changed to -vv
–  Fix: overwriting ssh auto prompt , when PS1 is already defined
–  New: Automatic ssh prompts generated on-fly, –noprompt to disable it
Changes: clone id for base VMs is 0
–  New: connect-ssh -a enables authentification by ssh-keypair
–  Fix: connect-vnc does not require -vnc flag
–  New: verbose printout raw connect commnad for VNC connect
–  New: verbose printout raw connect commnad for ssh connect

* Tue Jun 24 2014 Miroslav Safr <Miroslav.Safr@gmail.com> – 0.5.0
–  Fix: completion to packaging
–  Fix: prepare-host without specified target
–  New: copy with progress if possible
–  New: targets


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