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rvmb 0.2.0 | safrm.net

Date: started 7.6.2014, last release 13.6.2014
Links: webpage, changelog readme git sources downloads

Rapid VM builder for qemu-kvm based portable VMs


rvmb ……………… main script

Release notes:

– Int: docs update
– New: chroot image, improved unmounting
– New: mount and unmount image
– New: kill-all – for cleaning all qemu processes Fix: status searches all parameters
– New: status-all
– Changes: start-vm, stop-vm renamed to start, stop
– New: enable vnc using -vnc flag Changes: drop xrdp connection
– New: clonning images by copy
– New: own vmuser passed by parameter New: improved status command Fix: connect-ssh uses right port
– New: backup-image creates _TS.tar.bz2 archive New: stop-vm using qemu system_powerdown thrue monitor socket New: status command checks mon
– Changes: install-base customize-image merged to install-image New: adde dmount-image chroot-image stubs
– Fix:iso image url can be case insensitive


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