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xmlenv 1.0.5 | safrm.net

Date: started 30.1.2012, last release: 17.9.2012
Links: webpage changelog readme git-sources downloads

bash script/XSLT/windows bash/VB package for dumping and comparation runtime OS environments – first release for windows

deb, rpm, zip:
OBS: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/safrm/CentOS_CentOS-5/noarch/

Release comments:
5a704a2 New: added placeholder form man page
08bb724 New: deb suggest appver Fix:rpm dir ownership
7631383 Int: updated install help
b1a6007 New: updated safe usage appver in sripts
735a062 New: version date in scripts & rpm packages
056c402 Int: fomating, missing appver handling, new idea
08a3c20 Changes: updated help
f350a47 New: runtime –version printout Fix: sed changes only first VERSION string
6d2f27b New: automatic version update to rpm build
9fd785d New: Rootcheck in install.sh New: integrated appver to automatically update version in text based files

Example: baseline
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