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gr-scripts 1.0.8 | safrm.net

Date: started 2.2.2012, last release 6.6.2013
Links: webpage changelog readme git-sources downloads

git recursive directories scripts – let monkey work to be done by monkies :)
working also with Windows git.

gr-authorcheck ….. search for inappropriate commits
gr-branches …….. shows branches in subdirectories
gr-clean ……….. cleans up git clones in subdirectories
gr-commits2tag ….. show commits from last tag divided to head,local,remote
gr-initbare …….. initialize git bare repo, makes first commit and tag 0.0.0
gr-pull ………… pulls all and keeps local chanegs in subdirectories
gr-pullreset ……. pulls all and resets local changes in subdirectories
gr-remotes ……… shows remote branches in subdirectories
gr-show ………… shows local tags versus current remote situation in subdirectories
gr-showlocal ……. shows local tags and if it was edited in subdirectories
gr-tags ………… shows tags



Release comments:
– New: gr-commits2tag NOT CONNECTED remote detection
– New: gr-pullreset :converted to sh, output formatting, NOT_CONNECTED remote detection, timer
– Chg: gr-clean: converted to sh, output formatting
– Fix: gr-show -v for new files
– Chg: gr-branches: converted to sh, output formatting
– New: gr-show, gr-commits2tag: pull/push counts, new formatting, support for whitespaces in filenames
– Chg: gr-remotes: converted to sh,time measuring, output formatting
– Chg: gr-authorcheck: converted to sh,time measuring, output formatting, total counter
– Chg: gr-pull, gr-tags: converted to sh, time measuring, not connected msg
– New: gr-commits2tag – highlight counts and commit locations, formating
– Chg: gr-show converted to sh, one line output, NOT_CONNECTED remote detection, timer
– Chg: added –always to describe, formatting
– Chg: gr-showlocal: changed to sh, added –always to describe, message cut to 80
– gr-showlocal: oneline formated output, time measuring
– Fix: gr-showlocal find for other dirs
– Int: gr-showlocal formating
– gr-authorcheck: better colored output
– New:gr-tags to show only tags

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  1. Bonner says:

    und&930;i#ea mi furlla per la testa… ma se i Paesi europei tramite i loro ministeri del Tesoro iniziassero a comprare a palla CDS sui vari fondi di Soros, Goldman e compagnia delinquente? A la guerre comme a la guerre!Luigi

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