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easybrain 0.0.4 | safrm.net

Date: started 06/2011 – last release: 21.03.2012
Links: webpage changelog
Easybrain is QT based off-line notes editor and manager which uses own ftp/sftp server with zip encryption (can we trust to MS/Google/Facebook to store our data?) to synchronize. Notes are text based and stored in XML. It has also some other custom multiplatform features as locking screen, system monitoring.. Developed on Ubuntu, CentOS and Windows.


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  1. Martin says:

    COMM 315 Entire Course (Diversity Issues In Communication)
    MMPBL 510 Week 4 DQ 4
    BIS 220 Week 2 COMPLETE
    LDR 531 (Week 5) Individual Assignment / Determining Your Perfect Position Paper *
    WEB 435 Week 5 Learning Team Project and Presentation
    COM 310 (Week 1) Individual Assignment / Communication Introduction Worksheet *
    SCI 151 Week 1 Individual Assignment Basics of Astronomy Outline
    ECE 203 Week 3 DQ2
    ASHFORD EDU 626 Week 6 DQ 1 Application of Research
    QNT/565 (Week 5) – Learning Team Reflection 10/10 A+ Tutorial
    ACC 375 Week 3 COMPLETE
    NETW 589 Quiz Week 1

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  3. Myron says:

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  4. Ignacio says:

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