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bison++ and flex++ VisualStudio/RHEL adaptations | safrm.net

Date: 09/2006 –  12/2009
Links: bisonpp-1.21-8  flexpp-2.3.8-7

I have been using bison++ and flex++ for several years and built it and debugged it countless times.
And also made few modifications whichhelped me to maintain and deveop pretty huge scpe of usage (different versions of MS, Borland and gcc compiles + different debuggers) .

If you need to build for VS (teste with  VS 2002, 2003, 2005,2008  ) or with gcc on RHEL (gcc4) I think you can save some time to get few patches for here..



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  1. Alexavia says:

    Im sorry that you have been going through a rough time.I know how that is. You are not leaving the mitysnri? I sure hope not. When will you be speaking around Oklahoma City sometime soon?

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